Our family Storybook (OFS) will soon be offering FREE public Notice postings. Why spend $800 for an obituary in a local newspaper when you can post unlimited free Notices on Our Family Storybook? All Notices posted through OFS are public domain and will be made available to the public and are not subject to copyright. Use the Notice feature to publish an online obituary, birth, marriage, retirement, graduation or other historically significant family event…all for FREE! The decision by OFS to make Notices public domain is significant because this will allow family members, genealogists and historians access to significant information that will assist in genealogy research. Notices will also contribute to building and strengthening the genealogy community that OFS is dedicated to supporting. Posting free Notices will be available to everyone joining at any membership level. Once a notice is published, it can be shared by a link with family and friends or printed and archived. The best part is that Notices are dynamic and can be edited after publication to make corrections or record additional information. Unless the poster deletes it, Notices will always be accessible online. Our Family Storybook’s development team is in the process of finalizing the design and functionality that will enable you to post and search for public notices. Stay tuned and follow us on facebook where OFS will post the launch date for the new Notice feature and other news pertaining to OFS updates!