The web application is the heart of Our Family Storybook. The application is still in a development stage called Beta. During this Beta stage we are refining the functionality of the application. When completed members will be able to upload their genealogy research (GEDCOM) and build a website around that research using predesigned templates based on themes.

The web application will allow users to choose web templates based on nationality, historical events, individuals, surnames and milestones. For example, if you have Irish roots and want your site to showcase that heritage, you can select a template that has an Irish theme.

The web application will also allow you to build as many sites as you want, all securely hosted on Our Family Storybook. This feature will give you the opportunity to keep your research organized. You may want to showcase one individual who has historical significance or build a site around a pedigree line or showcase a historical milestone. You can even put your grandmothers’ cookbook recipes online!

We are currently looking for Beta tester with different levels of experience and knowledge from all demographics. If you are interested in volunteering to be a beta tester please send us a message at:  If you are selected and participate as a beta tester, you will receive a Free annual membership as a thank you for your involvement.